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This is a GREAT event coming up October 19-23rd.  Thanks to Paulina for this fantastic press release.  So here is your exclusive my fashion followers.  Check out Ability Explosion:


A weeklong showcase of the abilities of people with disabilities is expected to blast off for EVERYONE at the third annual Ability Explosion on sunny South Beach, FL beginning Wednesday, Oct. 19 with events running through the 23rd.

“The purpose of the Ability Explosion is to gather all of us, and to share and enjoy our experience together,” says R.David New, the event’s organizer. “We also want to exhibit the vast and varied abilities of people with disabilities, while providing viable solutions for challenges, whether physical, visual, hearing or intellectual.”

“The Ability Explosion is a celebration like South Florida has never seen: It’s a way of fostering understanding while having fun, Florida-style, at the same time!” says David, who is also chairman of the Miami Beach Disability Access Committee.  Many of the people featured in the events have physical, visual, hearing or intellectual disabilities.

It’s the extraordinary series of educational, informative and entertaining seminars and events from the world of arts, sports and entertainment focusing solely on the abilities of people living with disabilities! Ability Explosion has become the largest celebratory event of its kind in the US and will be informing, creating and involving our communities with a wonderful series of events that are open to everyone.  The organization wishes to invite all persons whom have family, friends, loved ones, acquaintances or even have come across individuals with disability and share these experiences with them.

The organizations events are completely supported by various local government organizations as well as local community businesses and sponsors.  All information can be found in our amazing social media threads on Facebook and Twitter as well as on our website at


10.18.2011 “Blast-Off Pre-Party and Media Event”

Join us as we celebrate and explain all things Ability Explosion.  All media event: press kits and press credentials will be available on site. Cocktails and specialty created bites-

El Gran Inka Restaurant 947 Brickell Avenue Miami, FL 33131



10.19.2011 “Blast-Off Celebration, Resource & Technology Expo. & Children’s Ability Workshops”

Governor, city commissioners honor Ability Explosion at Blast-Off, (press registration)-

Miami Beach Convention Center D 1901 Convention Center Dr. Miami Beach, FL 33139


10.19.2011 “Sexy-Ability, Modern Relationships: A social evening at the Shore Club”

Raw Beauty Photography presentation by TED relationship council member-

The Red Room, Shore Club Hotel, 1901 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139



10.20.2011 “Takin’ it to the Streets”

Live entertainers featuring music, live and art at various locations of Miami Beach-

8:00pm into the evening

10.20.2011 “Lights Out Miami” (A Dining in the Dark experience)

A sensory dining experience complete with blindfolds and trained staff for the evening.

Many restaurants throughout Miami.  Check, for full listing-


10.21.2011 “Biz-Ability Luncheon” (Sponsored by the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce)

Awarding businesses and individuals supporting special ability persons in the community and at the workplace.  Three dynamic speakers with amazing life stories to share-

Morton’s Steakhouse, 4041 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33140


10.21.2011  “Comedy Explosion”

(Featuring Kyle Grooms, Lonni Brun and headliner Suzanne Westenhoeffer) a lighthearted way to see the world through the lens of the disabled-

10.22.2011 “Ability Explosion 5k Run”

Enjoy sponsor samplings and goodies all morning-

The Art Deco Welcome Center

1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Fl 33139


10.22.2011 “Wheelchair Basketball Event” by Colusana

Come see the two most important teams in the South Florida: Miami Heat Wheels & Sunrise Suns “move and roll their world “-

Scott Rakow Center 2700 Sheridan Avenue Miami Beach, Florida 33140



10.22.2011  “Benefit Cocktail Party and Accessible Fashion Extravaganza”

Beauty Pop-Ups, Live & Silent Auction, live entertainment, Under the Stars Fashion Show and more. Local mavens on the runway as guest host MC’s the show-

Miami Beach Golf & Country Club, 2301 Alton Road Miami Beach, FL 33140


10.23.2011  “Aquabilities Explosion – A Watersports Extravaganza!”

Food & drink, samplings, sailing, kid’s art and painting, kayaking, live taping of “Cooking Without Looking TV Show on Water Island, live entertainment and more-

Shake-A-Leg Miami, 2620 South Bayshore Drive Coconut Grove, FL 33133


The Colony Theater, 1040 Lincoln Road Miami Beach, FL 33139


Media: Please submit requests to contact following for info.

Paulina Casado O.

Director of Marketing, Media & Events

Ability Explosion

305.519.1595   Twitter@AbilityXplosion


This week I had an incredible opportunity to meet a young, rising star in the hip-hop game.  His name: 10 Million, his game: World domination, his swagger: Priceless!  I received an email from Camille Davis, CEO of Montage PR, inviting me to spend some time with her artist as he hits the Miami scene.  DONE!  As I read through all the wonderful information I was sent, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  Born, Demetrious Deon Anderson, his bio read like every rap/hip-hop “Behind the Music” or “True Hollywood Story” I had ever seen.  He was raised by his loving yet strict maternal aunt in Brunswick, GA, struggling his entire young life.  At 13, his life was completely altered after his aunt passed away and he was reunited with his mother, who, unfortunately, was herself in an abusive relationship.  At 15 he decided to start a journey that will eventually take him to super stardom!  That was when a close cousin anointed him: 10 MILLION.  Since then, his career, locally, has sky-rocketed and nationally it is gaining momentum.  At a young age, 10 MILLION isn’t just creating a brand, he is creating an INDUSTRY.  The formula for most rap careers, the succesful ones anyway, has been simple, street cred, album, fame, celebrity, then cross promotion such as fashion line, movies, television.  10 MILLION’s approach shatters that formula.  He and his team have learned from their celebrity counterparts, not only in the hip hop world, but in every genre of “celebrity”.  He has learned from the likes of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, or any other “E” Television “celebrity” that the key to world domination is EXPOSURE.  Of course unlike those previously mentioned, he has the talent to back it up.  On the music side, he dropped his first independent album last year, appropriately enough on 10.10.10.  Music, however, is not his only game.  He has the talent and drive of a “LIL WAYNE” but the charm and charisma of a young George Clooney.  Last year he also worked on two movies, the horror flick “The Cthulhu Key Legacy” and will be the voice of Duce in the cartoon epic, “The Fixers”  both of which were directed by Jason Heath and are to be released by the end of this year.  His latest venture is in our world: FASHION!  I mean really, why waste those good looks?  10 MILLION made his NYC Fashion Week debut in Indashio‘s Spring 2011 runway.  Indashio as you may (or may not) remember was the winner of the VH1 show GLAM GOD (yeah i didn’t watch it either).  However Indashio has managed to create a great buzz as a designer and stylist since crowned the GLAM GOD.  And that my fellow fashionistas, brings us to my meeting with Mr. 10 MILLION himself here in Miami!  When I met with the artist, he was shooting some publicity shots with the fantastically artistic Florida based photographer, Alicia Nicole Triscuitti.  He was also filming for what he hopes will become the next big reality show, with videographer and friend, Derek Odom.  What he was most excited to talk about with me was his latest collaboration with famed stylist and designer, CAMARI STARRZ. Starrz, who you can follow on Twitter @IAMTHESTARRZ, also founded “THE STARRZ” MALE MOVEMENT.  “The Starrz is in a class all their own”.  Together they will embark on a fashion rollercoaster.  A full fashion line is in the works, everything from your toes to the top of your head, they will have something to put on their consumer.  What will make this line different from all the other urban lines?  What will make this different than any other high fashion line for that matter?  I’ll tell you what, their mission statement: ‘URBAN FASHION AT ITS HIGHEST POTENTIAL”  I for one, am on board and trust me when I say to you, my fashion followers, you WILL want to join me for the ride!

10 Million’s Twitter = @DaReal10Mill
Booking =
Press/Management Contact =
Website Returning Soon with complete transformation/transition Dallas – Atlanta – Miami
Blog –

Now you won’t be able to get the full effect of his charm unless of course you watch this fun video we shot!  I would like to preface this by saying I am not, nor do I pretend to be a movie maker.  This is just me and my coolpix shooting the breeze with 10 MILLION.   Trust me ladies, you won’t be disappointed!


Rebecca & Mariano (picture from

Well, now that the cat is out of the bag its safe for me to say, Miami International University of Art & Design is playing host to the second season ( who knew there was a first) of Project Runway Latin America.  Well after nine seasons it’s about time Latin America has jumped on the Project Runway bandwagon and what a better place to host the sophomore season than Miami.  Filming has started July 11th at the famed Miami International University of Art & Design.  Ai is the Parsons of the southeast.  Graduates have gone on to become some of the top fashion industry player in the industry.  It makes sense that PRLA chose Ai to host its show since Miami is a melting pot of latin culture and is quickly becoming a fashion capitol.  Coming back as host is model and tv host  Rebecca de Alba.  You might actually know Rebecca not so much from her professional life, but her personal life.  She was the famed long-term “girlfriend” of NOW out Ricky Martin.  Mentoring the 15 finalist, which have come from all over South America, is the wonderful Argentinian designer, Mariano Toledo.  Catch up on last season’s winner HERE.  Also catch up with them on Twitter and Facebook.  I will try and bring you first hand info right from the source ( did I forget to mention I GO to the Art Institute).  Till then, i bid adieu.

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