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Picture from Nylon Magazine

Picture from Nylon Magazine

This past January there was a new “it” girl crowned.  In the long line of “it” girls coming out of the Sundance Film Festival, like Carey Mulligan and Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Olsen is this year’s hipster version.  Cool, calm, collected and my new obsession.  Obviously, she has the most recognizable name in the business (yes, she IS one of THOSE Olsen’s) but Lizzie, as her friends call her, has raised the bar for celebrity siblings EVERYWHERE.  She has branched out and become what her sisters could never accomplish… a stellar ACTRESS!  Her role in this month’s Martha Marcy May Marlene is getting the kind of Oscar buzz her predecessors received in pervious years (see Winter’s Bone).  However, this Olsen, as revealed in  this month’s Nylon Magazine (Cover girl btw), it won’t be getting to her head.  She is a well versed thespian, even taking a study abroad acting class in Russia.  That’s not all folks, my real interest in Lizzie is her effervescent style, it’s a little Bianca Jagger meets modern day hipster and I can’t even STAND IT.  Trust me my fellow fashionistas, she is SO stylish, even her well known sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, used her as their muse for their fashion line Elizabeth and James.  So be on the look out for this up and coming fashion maven on this season’s red carpets.  See you at the Academy Awards Lizzie, can’t wait to see who you’ll be wearing!

I am the virtual love child of Elsa Klensch and Todd Oldham.

I know, not the most current fashion idols but they are the parental influence I received in my fashion dream world as a colorful child.  Those of you who are old enough to remember know where I am coming from, those of you born in the mid to late 90’s should google the names (you won’t be sorry).  I am a sweet mix of classic style with quirky taste.  My sister is Carrie Bradshaw (older of course).  My younger and free-spirited cousin’s are Mary-Kate and Ashley.  My bestie’s are Natalie Portman, Carey Mulligan, and Lisa Bonet. I am here to bring to you all, my soon-to-be followers, the funkiest fashion news from around the world.  But don’t fret  my local clan, you are not forgotten, I will be bringing the “new/now/next” in the Miami fashion scene.  I want to indulge in the colorful & Caribbean feel of the tropical land in which I reside and will bring to you the latest in style do’s and don’ts along with new up and coming designers.  I am so excited to have you join me on my new fashion roller-coaster so tighten the seat belts…. its going to be a bumpy ride!!

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