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Now I am not actually sure I would wear this myself, however, I find it fascinating.  Emporio Armani showed this pink sequin dinner jacket (among other sequin looks) at Milan Fashion week today (Picture from @timesfashion).  This definitely brings the “Metro Sexual” to a new level.  Or have we moved passed the idea of the “Metro Sexual” and just said “F*ck It” this is for the quintessential  gay male.  With the rise in fame of such animated gay “characters” in the mainstream media (i.e. Brad Goreski and Johnny Weir), are designers throwing caution to the wind and making fashion for the “flashy gay”?  Either way we have a couple of months before we see these looks in the retail stores.  What do you think?


I am kind of tired of men being left out of the designer shoe culture.  Slowly but surely, though, we are getting our just desserts.  First, Christian Louboutin came out with the “red bottoms” for men.  Now its Jimmy Choo is the next to enter the male market.  Above is a sneak preview of the new men’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection for Jimmy Choo (Thanks to @timesfashion).  Tamara Mello, creative officer of Jimmy Choo, has decided to bring back the men’s collection to the famed high-end shoe retailer.  Did we know that Jimmy Choo had a successful line at H&M (Check out the pictures HERE)?  I sure didn’t and am quite upset about that, but it’s success, did cause this new collection to come about.  The new line will debut at Milan Fashion Week later this January.  Can’t wait to see the shoes in retail stores!

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