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Rebecca & Mariano (picture from

Well, now that the cat is out of the bag its safe for me to say, Miami International University of Art & Design is playing host to the second season ( who knew there was a first) of Project Runway Latin America.  Well after nine seasons it’s about time Latin America has jumped on the Project Runway bandwagon and what a better place to host the sophomore season than Miami.  Filming has started July 11th at the famed Miami International University of Art & Design.  Ai is the Parsons of the southeast.  Graduates have gone on to become some of the top fashion industry player in the industry.  It makes sense that PRLA chose Ai to host its show since Miami is a melting pot of latin culture and is quickly becoming a fashion capitol.  Coming back as host is model and tv host  Rebecca de Alba.  You might actually know Rebecca not so much from her professional life, but her personal life.  She was the famed long-term “girlfriend” of NOW out Ricky Martin.  Mentoring the 15 finalist, which have come from all over South America, is the wonderful Argentinian designer, Mariano Toledo.  Catch up on last season’s winner HERE.  Also catch up with them on Twitter and Facebook.  I will try and bring you first hand info right from the source ( did I forget to mention I GO to the Art Institute).  Till then, i bid adieu.

Jessica is set to me a mentor on the new NBC fashion reality show, Fashion Star.  Fashion Star is the next version of the lost show,  Project Runway which has already begun casting in Miami’s very own Art Institute (Miami International University of Art & Design).  Fashion Star will make a “STAR” out of its winner by giving them their own brand to be sold in a world famous department store.  Jessica Simpson has proven herself successful in the fashion industry.  Her retail line has  boasted sates of up to 1 billion dollars, just last year alone.  Fashion or Die will keep you posted on this story!

There seems to be a bit of controversy surrounding the First Lady this week about her particular choice of gown she wore at the state dinner for China.  First I would like to start of by giving myself props for being the first person among my peers to say that I thought Michelle Obama would become a fashion icon.  I was in my History of Fashion class at the Miami International University of Art & Design and our teacher asked who we thought were up and coming fashion trend setters.  This was during the Obama campaigning and I said I though Michelle Obama would become the Jackie Kennedy of our generation.  To my surprise no one really agreed with me (including my professor), but alas, here we are, two years later and Obama has become just that, a trendsetter/icon.  Which brings me to this, Obama has received a lot of criticism for her wearing a SPECTACULAR Alexander McQueen gown to the state dinner last week mainly from American designers saying she should have worn an American designer.  Oscar de la Renta was quoted in WWD saying she should have worn American, whether it be his designs or someone else’s.  Even the CFDA release a statement condemning the First Lady on her selection.  This aggravates me on many levels and here’s why.  First, to criticise the First Lady on what she is wearing is quite petty to me.  She isn’t walking the red carpet at an awards show or movie premiere, she is at a State Dinner.  Also, with all the exceptional work Mrs. Obama has done while her husband has been in office, commenting on her wardrobe pretty trivial.  Don’t get me wrong, I am the BIGGEST fashionista you could find, and I understand the importance of fashion in the world as an art, but maybe we should take a step back and not criticise Michelle Obama on something, that for women is quite personal.  She looked great and I am sure after trying the dress on, something just clicked and that’s how she decided.  I doubt she was trying to make a big political statement.  Second, I find it a little hypocritical for American designers be so annoyed by this choice, especially when most of  their clothes are not even manufactured in the United States.  Ironically enough, most clothes are “Made in China”.  Maybe the CFDA and Woman’s Wear Daily should use their time and resources on figuring out ways to bring manufacturing back to the United State.  That would certainly help OUR economy and unemployment rate.   Maybe, “American” designers should stop sending jobs to foreign countries because of the cheap labor and less restrictive labor laws.  Have you thought about doing that Mr. De la Renta? This is just one sole opinion and not intended to offend (well maybe a little) but I am just putting it out there.  Leave me all the comments you want, good or bad, I will post them.

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