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Well, well, well who knew that the “Green” movement would start infiltrating the baby market, but I say, way to go. Today I was watching my new guilty pleasure, The Talk on CBS, and was surprised to see an entire show based on expected mommas.  With their first of, hopefully, many “April Showers, Baby Shower” the ladies of the talk surprised their entire audience (all of which were expected mothers) with tons of freebies for these fabulous mom’s-to-be.  All the usual things were all in the midst of give-a-ways: diapers, strollers, breast pumps, etc….  This time however something struck my fancy, a line of Green baby clothes.  So I decided to look into it for you all my fashion followers!  So here goes!  The line of baby clothes is called KICKY PANTS and consists of fabric made exclusively  from bamboo.  Now I have previously spoken about bamboo as a great eco-friendly fabric, but here is a little reminder.  Bamboo is a great sustainable crop that does not need any pesticides to flourish.  Bamboo also keeps you 2-3 times cooler in hot weather and vice versa.  So to all you mom’s ti be or auntie and uncles to be, please check out the website, you won’t be disappointed.

Nike has become the latest mass retailer to step into the “green” world.  Nike will be releasing its line of recycled sneakers for women.  The athletic shoe will be made of recycled magazine.  It’s innovative, eco-conscious, and just plain fun.  Congrats to Nike for stepping into the eco-friendly market.  Now ladies make sure you go out and buy these sneakers to help show that sustainability is profitable as well as fashion forward!

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